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  •   A new simulation, there is nothing available like FarmSim®
  •   Easy to use, enjoyable and educational
  •   Puts you in charge of a range of farming ventures
  •   Our program updates will expand simulation
  •   Easy to use
  •   Links to agriculture sites for research and help
  •   No farming experience needed
  •   Ideal for the classroom
  •   Teaching made easy!
  •   Focusing on economics & agriculture Subjects
“Have you ever owned your own farm?
"Have you ever wanted your own farm, or are you planning a move to the bush?"
"Are you studying agriculture?”
"Are you studying economics?
If you have answered yes to any of these questions, or you have just wanted to work the Australian land, FarmSim® can provide hours of entertainment and education.

Designed to allow you the virtual freedom to raise finance, buy your property, purchase and sell crops and crop the land, all resulting in a comprehensive financial report at the end of each month!

Random weather and other acts of God will test you on the way, just like a real
farmer.Your skill in pasture improvement may see your stocking rate increase, or
the chance to eventually diversify into other farming based industry.

FarmSim® offers five geographical areas for your new property, ranging from Queensland down into NSW and Victoria and across to South Australia, and Western Australia.

FarmSim® has been developed using up to date agricultural research and actual farming scenarios in different areas. It has been in the planning stage for two years and will offer upgrades into other farming business soon.

As in real life, if you want to farm you need suitable land. To buy suitable land you need finance. Farm Sim® gives you several options to raise finance bank loan or share market. Choose your experience level….. On the start screen, click on Finance. The Finance Screen appears. Click here to go to FarmSim® screen shots for more detail

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