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FarmSim has a selection of screen shots for you to view, to give you more detailed information about the simulation.
Read through the page and email us with your thoughts.

Screen shot of the Start Screen

When you first open FarmSim you will see the opening screen.  
This allows you to investigate areas of the game
so you can become familiar with FarmSim before you begin.

Links like: Getting started, hints and tips,
resources or if you have played before go straight
into your existing farm or create a new one

Go to the bank, organise finance,
then set-to and find that property you are after.
There are a myriad of choices, regions and areas.
Choose and away you go.

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The equipment for you to select from
is extensive and is regularly updated.
This will improve your choices
but will also affect your bottom line.

Your farm will be affected by actual developments
in farming, interest rates, crop or
livestock values and random acts of god!

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